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In order to succeed as a project manager, there are a number of important qualities you must have. If you are new to project management or you just are interested in improving your performance, take a look at the below rules of highly successful project managers.


  • Get the Full Details – Before you start a new project it’s important to gather all of the information you need in order to ensure a successful outcome. It’s important that you speak with all of the relevant stakeholders before you begin. When you have all of the necessary details, you can create an accurate roadmap that includes the estimated budget, projected milestones, and how long you expect the project to take.
  • Select the Right People – In reality, it is often difficult to get all of the right people for a particular project. However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t still make an effort to do so. When building a team remember to not make it too large. If there are too many team members you will have difficulty controlling all of the project details, and you may lose sight of the project’s vision.
  • Set Realistic Expectations – In order to succeed, you need to set proper expectations. While long-term, high-level expectations are important, it’s more important to set frequent short term milestones. Short-term milestones will help keep the team on track, and it will help you accurately track progress each week.
  • Set Deadlines and Assign Responsibilities – It’s easy for a team to miss deadlines when everyone is collaborating and no individual is responsible for specific parts of the project. To avoid this situation each team member should be accountable for different tasks. These individuals will help the group stay on track and ensure that deadlines are meant.
  • Avoid Micromanaging – You want to empower your team so that they feel comfortable making decisions on their own. If you pick the right people you shouldn’t have to micromanage because you should be confident in their ability to make the right decisions. At the same time, you should have regular meetings so that you can make sure that work is getting done.
  • Reward Team Members Rewarding your team is one of the best ways to keep your people motivated. When the team reaches different milestones you should celebrate and praise their efforts. If one team member, in particular, is doing an outstanding job tell him or her in private that you appreciate his/her efforts.
  • Expect Change – Customers will demand adjustments. Delays will occur. Nothing ever goes exactly to plan. You can avoid a lot of headaches by expecting delays and planning for the worst. When you create your project outline make sure you budget enough time to deal with changes and delays.