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If you’re new to project management, chances are that you’re going to make some mistakes along the way. Even veteran project managers don’t always make the right choices. However, what all successful project managers agree on is that the proper knowledge will help you avoid mistakes and be successful in your career. This post looks at some of the best books on project management. Not only will the below books give you practical advice, they’ll also keep you entertained as you make your way through their pages.

Making Things Happen: Mastering Project Management – Scott Berkun

Making Things Happen gives you realistic advice on how to navigate the world of project management. It will teach you how to take an idea and transform it into a project that’s successful. The book begins by discussing the importance of the word how and its applicability to project management. Visit Scott Berkun’s blog to get an idea of the tone of the book. When you’re done reading it you’ll definitely feel more confident answering questions like “How will I get this done?”

The Plugged-In Manager: Get in Tune with Your People, Technology, and Organization to Thrive – Terri L. Griffith

Author Terri L. Griffith is an Associate Dean and Professor of Management at Santa Clara University, Leavey School of Business. The Plugged-In Manager focuses on one of the most important aspects of project management: the team. This book will teach you skills that help you balance technology and teamwork. Visit Terri L. Griffith’s website for more information.

The Lazy Project Manager: How to Be Twice As Productive and Still Leave the Office Early – Peter Taylor

Author Peter Taylor has thirty years of project management experience under his belt. His book makes good use of case studies that demonstrate his “lazy” philosophy. When Taylor says lazy he really means using less energy to get more things done. In an interview, he referenced Robert Heinlein’s famous quote: “Progress isn’t made by early risers. It’s made by lazy men trying to find easier ways to do something” (Wrike Team). Taylor’s book will give you insight into a work philosophy that will protect you from burnout while also ensuring your success.

Project Pain Reliever: A Just-In-Time Handbook for Anyone Managing Projects – Dave Garrett

This book rounds up some of the top names in project management—Peter Taylor, Andrew Filev, Cornelius Fichtner, and Elizabeth Harrin—and shares their knowledge on how to solve some of the most common issues that project managers face. The solutions presented in Project Pain Reliever come from the real world, and the expert insight is extraordinarily helpful. Inexperienced project managers aren’t the only ones who will benefit from reading Project Pain Reliever. Experienced project managers will also benefit from seeing how other project managers approach and deal with challenges.