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Technology has revolutionized the way that business is conducted. One aspect of business that has benefited the most is project management. The available technological tools have made project management both easier and more efficient. Keep reading to learn about some of the technology that has positively transformed project management.

Data Backup

For most of history, knowledge and information have been stored on paper. Today, though, paper records are becoming increasingly obsolete in business. Data backup, specifically the cloud, has made saving progress easier than ever. Many programs automatically save your progress, so you don’t even have to worry about manually saving anything. Also, the price of external storage devices decreases each year while their storage capacity seems to increase each year.


Communication is essential to successful project management. In today’s business world the ability to communicate with other members of your team is easier than ever. Today many employees are able to remotely complete the duties of their job. Meetings can take place between offices located over the entire globe. Plus video conferences add the extra benefit of being able to see your team members.


With today’s technology, it’s now easier than ever to stay organized and on track. Programs like Basecamp, for example, store notes, events, and files for your entire team. The program acts as a central location for all of your team’s most important documents. There are many apps like Basecamp that will help you save time and stay organized while carrying out a project.


Another useful tool your team can use is time tracking. Here’s a list of 10 different apps you can use to track how much time you spend on a particular activity. Tracking time is a great way to learn how long it takes your team to complete different tasks. Then you can use that data to improve your process and speed things up if necessary.


Setting your budget and keeping track of expenses are two essential business tasks. Today, every business uses Excel spreadsheets or some similar product to keep track of their budget. Budgeting technology has made it easier to calculate expenses and improve the function of your business. To learn more about budgeting software, have a look at this article. It features 14 of the best tools on the market.