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Managing your team and the work that they do can be a daunting task. Project management applications offer a single platform where you and your team can all collaborate in one place. They offer a wide array of services to help you implement the best strategies to complete your projects in an efficient but time-effective way.

Here is a list of the 5 best apps that will accelerate your business.


As their tagline states, Wrike offers “project management software your business needs, with the insights you love & the security you require.”

Wrike is at the top of this list because, it is used by some of the biggest companies in the world like Hootsuite, fitbit, and Popchips to name a few. Their project management tools include being able to view and manage multiple projects at once, but also being able to narrow it down so only one project has your attention.

Another great aspect is their real-time reporting and analytics. As your employees are doing their assigned tasks to finish the project, you are able to see live updates as they finish one task after another, giving you the ease of mind of not having to be worried about your employees.

Zoho Projects

With use from over a million businesses Zoho Projects is another great application to help your team stay on track. Planning projects is one of Zoho’s strong suits. They offer a project planner that can be customized to your liking. You can add milestones and task lists, but you can also dive deeper and control recurring tasks and subtasks within the task itself.

Zoho offers seamless collaboration with everyone that you can think of. You can connect with your employees, your clients, vendors, and consultants all from the same tool and from wherever around the world.


Trello offers a unique style when it comes to project management software. Using a visual guide, trello has all of their tasks represented as boards and cards, which allows the user to have a visual representation of how the project is moving along.

Productivity has never been easier. By integrating your workflows directly into your Trello boards, you will be able to turn your projects into living applications to foster to all of your business’ needs.


Considered as the leading project management tool, Basecamp has a simple and easy interface to help you collaborate with your team and your client. One of the best aspects of using Basecamp is that it is completely responsive, so you can keep up to date with how your team is performing on the go from your mobile device.

Take full control of how your business and projects are run by having everything laid in front of you from a bird’s eye view. Everything from meetings, email threads, document storage, and calendars are effectively organized on one platform.

Active Collab

Some of the top known names in the world like NASA, Harvard University, Intel, and Adobe are all using Active Collab to help run their businesses and establishments. With their new and improved software, Active Collab, will help you track time, manage tasks, and control invoices and expenses from the same platform.

The key feature that makes Active Collab so attractive, is their new tool that lets you track expenses, invoices, and payments all within their application. They even are connected with PayPal and can take other forms of credit card payments.

These five project management tools will help you accelerate your business by taking out the stress of keeping everything organized. Use this helpful guide to help you decide which platform is right for your team.