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The internet is one of the most useful tools that project managers have access to. Yet with so much information out there it can be difficult to separate the truly useful resources from the not-so-useful. Below is a list of some of the best project management websites. These sites are useful for both veteran and novice project managers. In a field as complex and ever-changing as project management, it never hurts to keep learning.

Fear No Project

Fear No Project is a fantastic blog to regularly follow. Bruce and Karen McGraw run the blog, and they regularly share their thoughts and opinions on project management topics. The posts cover everything. How to deal with burnout, the different types of bosses you might encounter during your career, and performance reviews are just some of the topics you’ll find on the site. Both of the authors have a lot of experience, and they offer keen insight into the world of project management.


Don’t let the simple design of ProjectMinds fool you. The site is a treasure trove of project management resources. In addition to featuring helpful articles and a free project management ebook, the site has a “useful websites” section that is definitely worth bookmarking. The section breaks down the links into helpful categories so that you can easily find what you need.

Herding Cats

Many project managers would agree: oftentimes our work feels as difficult as herding cats. Over the years Glen B. Alleman’s blog has received awards for its content. One of the site’s best features is its “quote of the day” posts that relate to project management. Most of Alleman’s posts include a list of references, so if you like a post you can explore its ideas further.

Guerrilla Project Management

Samad Aidane, the creator of Guerrilla Project Management, has more than eighteen years of project management experience. While his blog isn’t updated as frequently as the other blogs listed here, it’s still worth a look. Many of the articles are useful and worth browsing through.


The blog posts on PMHut cover everything. On the left side of the site, you’ll find a list of all of the site’s categories which makes it easy to find the blogs you’re looking for. The site accepts submissions from outside writers, so it features a wide perspective of viewpoints and experience levels. PMHut recently introduced a “software alternative” category which is great for discovering new software that could benefit your project.